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This firm is authorized and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA No:75153)




•We will provide all the price information prominently and in as clear and understandable format as possible.


•We will specify whether stated prices include VAT.•We will specify exactly what is included within the price agreed at the outset.


•We will cover a range of costs and we will set out the basis for your charges, including any hourly rates and the types of factors that will determine what the final price will be.


•The rules do not require us to publish a binding quote for each and every scenario which you may deal with, for example, pre-empting unusual complexities or that a client may not follow your advice.


•When an unforeseen complexity arises or where the way in which a client asks us to proceed and that could mean additional work, we will inform the client of this and provide revised costs information.


•We will inform our clients if anything that could reasonably be expected to be included in the price, is not.


•We will take a view, based on our experience of what your clients tend to expect, on whether there is anything about the service we are offering that would need this type of clarification.


•Under existing obligations under the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 we will be providing clients with the best possible information about the likely overall cost, both at the time of engagement and when appropriate as the matter progresses.


•We will also list factors that could increase or decrease overall costs at the outset. And where the range of costs is quite wide, consider providing an average cost.


•We will be upfront and transparent as per the rules from the outset...

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